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Welcome to Us

Welcome to Us

As a part of our Pretty Stuff adventure, we decided it's important to draw back the veil and let people in on how we think, why we create what we create, and the basic ramblings of a fun family who love to create Pretty Stuff for special people.  With this in mind, we'd like to welcome you to US!  

Pretty Stuff is a family enterprise, comprised of and utilising the creative talents of my amazing children, Sarah and Caleb, and little ole' me, Angela.  My gorgeous husband, Lindsay, is our tech specialist, and without him, we wouldn't be tapping away at the keyboard right now writing on this blog, so he deserves a huge shout out and thank you, and maybe a cuddle or two.

We love to be creative, and our Pretty Stuff ideas for candles, soaps, bath bombs and aromatherapeutic goodies came about very organically as we made different products and created ranges for our own use, as well as those special people in our lives.  It has made our evolution fun and exciting.  We have learned so much along the way, and had a lot of laughs (and many moments of wanting to throw the bath bombs at the wall) along the way.  

We will be writing on our blog each week to ramble on about why and how we create our Pretty Stuff, and we'll also be posting videos and pictures to give you an up close look at what our process is.  Expect a lot of laughter and weird facial expressions, as well as information that could be super helpful.  

Keep an eye out for what comes next!!

Hand Made

Hand made in micro batches for the finest quality

Vegan Friendly

Our ingredients and products are all vegan friendly

Paraben Free

All products are Paraben and Sulphate Free

Women in Business

Family run mother and daughter business