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Pink Himalayan Salt is the Bomb!

Pink Himalayan Salt is the Bomb!

There is so much information out there about new-fangled products that help us detox and supposedly feel better, that sometimes it's hard to know what to use.  Well, what if it is as simple as using a 100% natural, organic, effective and powerful product that doesn't cost the earth?  

Pink Himalayan Salt is so versatile and can be used in foot soaks, bath soaks, facial sprays, body scrubs, helping to soothe a sore throat, not to mention the gorgeous salt lamps that provide such beautiful ambiance and health benefits. (For the best Salt Lamps that I've found, head on over to  I am not financially affiliated with Forever Exotic.  I simply think that they are an incredible company with excellent products, knowledge and exceptional service. 

I won't ramble on about the 84 essential minerals that are found in the Salt, or the anti-inflammatory qualities that we get from soaking in it.  Instead I'm going to leave this picture here so you can read it.  

If you want to try a soothing and relaxing soak that won't break your bank, have a look at our Bath Soaks that contain this beautiful Pink Himalayan Salt and feel it for yourself.  It really is a wonderful ingredient to add to your bath time ritual, whether it's in soaks, bombs, or crumbles.  It really is the bomb!

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