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Anxiety? What Anxiety?!

Anxiety?  What Anxiety?!


A few years ago, my son, Caleb, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and along with it, he began suffering quite badly from anxiety.  This is a big trend in our family so I wasn't at all surprised.  He has always been so good at addressing the anxiety, and it's something none of us hide from the world.  As a part of helping to reduce stress and the ever present anxiety, we developed our "Relax" range of products.  It began with a soap that I made especially for him, made with lavender, citrus and chamomile flowers, and he loved it.  More than that, it helped!  Seeing as it was also very popular amongst our customers, we decided to create candles and bath bombs as well, giving an anxiety sufferer a full complement of products to help.  This lead to many conversations with customers who have shared their stories about anxiety depression, sleep and headaches.  It's such a huge part of our lives and world, and we believe it's so important to talk about and understand.  We love to help people find the most natural remedies and alternatives to compliment their lives, so we set about developing a range of aromatherapy products using 100% essential oils and 100% organic herbs and botanicals.  This range is simply sensational in assisting people, and the feedback from our Aromatherapy Sleep Pillows has been outstanding....

"That sleep bag......Oh my god!!  Best sleep I've had all week." - Sam

"Hi Angela!  Thank you so much for my special bags!  They are divine!  I love them.  One lives on my bedside table and the other lives in my car!  They are just wonderful!"  - Jacinta

If you suffer from any type of anxiety, depression or sleep disorder, you know how debilitating it can be.  Please, always take care to seek the right treatment from health care professionals.  In addition to this, anything else healthy that might help is a blessing, so please feel free to contact us for more information on our "Relax" and aromatherapy products.  



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Hand made in micro batches for the finest quality

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Our ingredients and products are all vegan friendly

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All products are Paraben and Sulphate Free

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