• Pink Himalayan Salt is the Bomb!

    Pink Himalayan Salt is the Bomb!

    There is so much information out there about new-fangled products that help us detox and supposedly feel better, that sometimes it's hard to know what to use.  Well, what if it is as simple as using a 100% natural, organic, effective and powerful product that doesn't cost the earth?  ...

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  • Safer with Soy Wax

    Safer with Soy Wax

    Burning soy wax in melts or candle form is a much better option than traditional paraffin for so many reasons. Keep reading and find out why!

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  • Countdown to Launch!

    Countdown to Launch!

    Hi Pretty Stuff Family, So, the time has come for us step boldly into the future of business, and we will be launching our online store on April 4.  This is an exciting time for us here in the Creative Kitchen, because we get to share our designs and hard...

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  • Anxiety? What Anxiety?!

    Anxiety?  What Anxiety?!

      A few years ago, my son, Caleb, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and along with it, he began suffering quite badly from anxiety.  This is a big trend in our family so I wasn't at all surprised.  He has always been so good at addressing the anxiety, and...

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